Regular Rehearsals this week.

Herbie Hancock's Watemelon Man - Enjoy!
Dave Weckl Band - The Chicken
Lawton Chiles 2011 - 2012 Jazz Band Personnel
Jazz Pics

Stephanie Miles Tenor 1
Derrick Naegler Baritone
Quinton Powell Alto 1
Luke Johnstone Tenor 2
Colby Nutting Alto 2

Yebin Yoon 1st
Micah Pearson 1st/2nd
Brent Patten 2nd
Dane DeBrunner 3rd
Kaitlyn Bixby 4th

Arthur Talbert 1st
Scott Boebinger 2nd
Matt Smith 3rd
Danny Fistos (Bass)

Tennison Watts - Piano
Aiden Amato - Piano
Justin Niggel - Bass
Brandon Thomas - Drum Set / Aux. Perc.
Nathan German - Drum Set / Aux. Perc.

Checkout what one trombonist can do.
For those who have not yet received this, it shows what can be done by one tremendously talented trombonist playing all four parts. The score is shown as the recording progresses.

Spring Concerrt 2010 Stormy Weather video link. Enjoy!

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