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2014 – 2015 LCH Band Board Booster Members
Band Director
Mike German
Clarissa Golemboski
728-9935 cell
Executive Vice President
Lisa Marko Coates
Vice President of Finance and Development
Judy Buckner
Victor Gaines
Vice President of Operations
Jessica Oyster

Eileen Bischof

Perry Laycock
Sharon Bosley
251-5200 cell
Senior Parent Rep
Beverly Moore
Junior Parent Rep
Elaine Cappellino
591-0146 hm
Sophomore Parent Rep
Ellen Amato
510-8082 cell
Freshman Parent Rep
Andrea Goddard

GiGi Soto

Drill Team Parent Rep
Christina Smith
445-2786 cell
Uniform Chair
Christine Waldman
284-3341 cell
Merchandise Chair
Joanne Pease
352-871-2857 cell

You may also volunteer for one of the committee chair positions. These are not elected positions.
A description of all positions can be found below. All board members must be Band Booster Member in good standing.

Chiles Band Booster Board
Each position is generally described below:

President: presides at all meetings; keeps track of all the activities; encourages parents to be active in Booster activities.

Executive Vice President: presides when the president is absent; helps with decision-making, communications director for newsletters and website, chairs Scholarship Committee

Vice President of Operations: oversees all the physical work involved in getting the band to and fromperformances and during the performances; coordinates chaperones, uniforms, equipment moving, etc.;coordinates during band parent events, such as the banquet, pot luck, picnics, hospitality events; recruits volunteers and committee chairmen to help with work.

Vice President of Financial Development: works with the Board to set up fundraising events/projects involving parents, students or a combination; works with the director and school for prior permission; avoids adding work to the Band Director; solicits corporate and personal donations.

Treasurer: keeps all financial records; handles all money transactions; responsible to the Boosters, the director, the school, the County, the state and the IRS.

Secretary: takes notes, prepares the minutes, works with President to set the agenda.

Parliamentarian: keeps order at the meetings, according to the Bylaws and Roberts Rules of Order.

Immediate Past President: if the student of the previous year’s president has not graduated, this is a non-elected position on the board.

Class Officers:
Senior Parent Representative
Junior Parent Representative
Sophomore Parent Representative
Freshman Parent Representative
Drill Team Parent Representative

Class Officer Responsibilities:
  • Act as a point of contact for other freshman parents
    Your contact information (phone numbers and email address) would be posted on Mr. German's Wikispace and in the Booster Newsletter so that other grade-level or auxiliary parents can contact you to ask band questions or get information.
  • Attend board meeting and act as a voting board member
    Board meetings are the hour before the Band Booster Meetings. They are usually the first Monday of every month and begin at 6:15 p.m. The Booster Meetings begin at 7:15 p.m. and go until 8:15 p.m., although we try to end by 8:00 p.m.
  • Participant in Emergency Phone Tree
    In the event of an emergency Mr. German will activate the phone tree and Board members will begin the process of contacting band members.
The position requires 2 - 3 hours of time a month.
Committee Chairs are needed for:
Candy sales
Merchandise sales
Wolf pop production
Poinsettia sales
Philanthropy project
Senior Scholarship Award
Band Banquet
Nominating Committee

For more information or to submit a name, please contact: Clarrisa Golemboski at 728-9935 cell