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Pic is from our recent trip to NY City. We had to stop in Maryland to play in the snow! Fun Times for All!

Here are the links to the 2014-2015 Halftime Show!
I Know You Want Me / Llorando Se Fu
Take the Brakes Off
Go to this link,scroll down and click on Granada

SUMMER 2014 Homework for All Band Members:
All Band Members should be practicing the 9-10 All-State Audition Material.
You need to prepare both the lyrical and the technical exercises, major scales and chromatic scale.
All band members will be tested over this material during the 1st nine weeks grading period.
The audition material for the District Honor Band audition is taken from the 9-10 All-State Material, but is shortened.
11th and 12th graders auditioning for All-State will need to prepare both sets of audition materials (The 9/10 and the 11/12 All-State Materials.

The requirements are at the FBA All-State Material. 2014-2015 link below.
You will need to purchase the books and get started soon.
If you are trying out for All-State Band, you should already be working on this material and considering taking some private lessons on it over the summer.
This is what your competition is doing!

Below is information for every band member.
You only need one of the formats. Use what works best for you.
Please download:
1. The 2014-2015 updated calendars.
2. The 2014-2015 Chiles Band Handbook (practice weeks schedule included) (You need to print off the agreement form, sign and return).
3. The Activity Participation Form (You need to print of the 1st page and return).

Chiles Band Handbook (Last Year's Calendar as of 8/2/13) Updated 2014-2015 Handbook.

(Current 2014-2015) Calendar Updated 9/15/14.

Practice Weeks Schedules Updated 8/27/14

Activity Participation Form 2014-2015 (You only need to complete the 1st page for Band)

Registration Packets (Includes t-shirt, directory and payment forms)

12 Major Scales and 36 minor Scales
Leadership 2014-2015
Band Captain – Kevin Waldman
Head DM - Brooke Patten
Assistant DM – Chris Stauffer
1st Lieutenant - Nathan German
2nd Lieutenant – Amara Lewis
Master Sergeant – Clay Cohen
Historian – Alexi Saliba
Librarian, Head - Gillian Golemboski, Percussion Ensemble, All other Ensembles
Assistant Librarians:
- Spencer Oyster - Jazz Band, Marching
- Ryan Cain - Symphonic Band, Marching
- Dean Rohe - Wind Ensemble, Marching
Uniform Sergeants – Maggie Amato and Bonner Buckner

Section Leaders
Flute - Maggie Amato
Clarinet - Abigail Morrison
Oboe - Kevin Kim
Bassoon - ?
Saxophone – Chris Stauffer
French Horn – Sarah Laycock
Trumpet - Kevin Waldman
Trombone – Theo Waltz
Euphonium - Spencer Oyster
Tuba - Rachel Struk
Percussion – Nathan German
Baton - Alexi Saliba
Flag - Shelby Smith

Drill Sergeants
Flute - Brooke Patten
Clarinets - Kate Convery
Saxophones - Sophie Kraemer
Trumpets - Max Borrows
Horns - Sarah Laycock
Trombones - Tony Cappellino
Euphoniums - Clay Cohen
Tubas - Rachel Struk
Percussion - Danny Knight
Baton - Alexi Saliba
Flag - Shelby Smith

Band Managers (Loading Crew)
Danny Knight
Tony Cappellino
Austin Coates
Max Burrows
Paul Butler
Sarah Laycock